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Real perspective in a world full of noise. That's Untaptd.

Embedded within our DNA are the highest principles of journalism. Our founders are known for their in-depth industry knowledge and relationships in a range of sectors – fintech, regtech, SaaS & Defence (to name a few).


Utilising our in-house expertise, we create multi-channel content that’s difficult to replicate. We invest heavily into our editorial products, as we know that focused, high-quality content that is expertly produced and beautifully designed will always hold huge value to senior business decision makers.


We strive for the highest ethical standards with our core principled approach focused on the following:

  • We should be honest, fair, and fearless in gathering, reporting, and interpreting information.

  • We are accountable to our readers, listeners, viewers, and each other.

  • We steadfastly uphold our editorial independence.

  • We use objective data and research to inform our journalism. All our editorial output is fact-checked.


It’s important to remember that our in-house writers and contributors come from vastly different backgrounds and experiences, and for certain we will not agree on everything other than upholding the highest standards of editorial integrity.


Still, Untaptd prides itself on being anti-partisan and committed to expressing a range of viewpoints that actively speak to the contemporary moment. We give our writers the freedom and scope to explore their unique perspectives and hold ourselves accountable to the strongest of ethical guidelines.



Our goals.


When looking over any piece of content, we always check to ensure it meets our standards and goals for all our copy.


It should:


  • Respect the reader. Look, no one likes to be patronised. We always consider who our audience are, and how they’d like to be spoken to. No one enjoys reading a heavy, tiresome sales pitches – great content always feels like you’re being spoken to as a fully rounded human, not just a customer.


  • Educate our audience. We’re a team of niche experts, therefore it’s our duty to impart our knowledge in an accessible yet accurate way. We keep things simple, but we don’t omit the tricky bits. We take time and effort to break down complex data, critical findings and developing situations into referable and informative copy.


  • Guide our user. At Untaptd, we’re storytellers at heart, and every piece of content should flow naturally towards its conclusion. Conversion doesn’t happen through boasting, but through an engaging narrative.


  • Speak truth. Grandiosity isn’t our thing, and we don’t publish anything that doesn’t come from a place of complete editorial certainty. In a world full of bloated marketing, misinformation and ‘fake news’ – we’re a voice of clarity and integrity.

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