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Marketing communications, or as it's widely known, 'marcoms', is a crucial part of any business' marketing strategy.  

Why? Because it encompasses a total view of the many ways that a company can reach out to its market. From paper letters to tweets, and every blog post, banner ad and ‘like’ in-between – it all comes under the umbrella approach of a marcoms strategy.  

This wide net approach to communication allows companies to tell a continuous story throughout all its channels, one designed to be emotive and exciting in its impact. With a strong narrative threading all your brand’s communication channels together, it’s easier to get people talking, and in turn boost your conversion rates. 

It seems obvious right? But you’d be surprised how many companies have unnecessary silos and blockages preventing a solid marcoms strategy from being successful. Beyond coming up with brilliant ideas, a good marketing communications team will help create workflows and strategies that gets every department working together – meaning your brand identity is as consistent as possible.  

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